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How Families Can Use the Cards and Posters

Compassionate Self-Care Cards and Posters are designed to offer a gateway for people to explore and share their experiences and emotions while building connections of trust and safety for healthier life skills, coping skills and relationships one person at a time. The cards include positive affirmations & openended questions to promote healthy mental and emotional self-care. 

These cards can be played with easily anywhere at anytime with little guidance.They are meant to be fun and enjoyable with opportunities for your child to express themselves and in turn for you to gain valuable insights into their thoughts, feelings and emotional perspective. The positive affirmations and mindfulness based sensory questions support you on this journey. To purchase, click here.  


I designed the C.A.R.E.S Framework to support and enable professionals who work with children, but this process works for families as well. It gives parents, grandparents, or any other caregiver the ability to create optimal opportunities for:

Choices and Connections- Have person choose a card independently from the deck.

Awareness- Together identify feelings using word, questions, and picture.

Relevance and Reflection- Explore and validate meaningful connection to the present situation and life experience.

Experience and Empowerment- Find creative ways to express and respond to these feelings and identify strengths using affirmations.

Self-Story- Create and encourage the development of a pathway to support and approach a situation with renewed empowerment.

"I absolutely love these cards, and the poster versions are fabulous. I'm hoping to use one card a day to inspire my daughter and me to think more deeply about taking care of ourselves and how we look at the world." Megan Torrance, parent. 

"These cards are a truly wonderful tool for use both professionally and personally. Evieann, your years of professional knowledge and expertise are now available to all through the use of these Compassionate Self-Care cards and posters. Thank you for making your dream your passion and now sharing with us all." Mary Khoshnegah, Special Education Paraprofessional, mother and grandmother

"Evieann has dedicated many years of wisdom and personal experience working with children!
Very easy cards for children to comprehend and relate to." 
Krisann Reck Swobada, parent, grandparent

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