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How Professionals Can Use the Cards and Posters

Compassionate Self-Care Cards and Posters are designed to offer a gateway for people to explore and share their experiences and emotions while building connections of trust and safety for healthier life skills, coping skills and relationships one person at a time. The cards include positive affirmations & openended questions to promote healthy mental and emotional self-care. To purchase cards or posters, click here

I designed the C.A.R.E.S Framework to support and enable professionals with the ability to create optimal opportunities for:

Choices and Connections- Have person choose a card independently from the deck.

Awareness- Together identify feelings using word, questions, and picture.

Relevance and Reflection- Explore and validate meaningful connection to the present situation and life experience.

Experience and Empowerment- Find creative ways to express and respond to these feelings and identify strengths using affirmations.

Self-Story- Create and encourage the development of a pathway to support and approach a situation with renewed empowerment.


"Compassionate Self-Care Cards are an amazing tool that provide opportunities which offer a guide and engage patients and families to help develop healthy coping skills for life beyond hospital experiences, creating a greater sense of well-being. Healthcare clinicians benefit too from their own self-care reflection while building skills and resilience in the process!”   – Julie Piazza, MS, CCLS, Senior Project Manager, Michigan Medicine 

 “The cards have been very helpful at offering patients hope of successful communication with their children! Often times it can be difficult to sit down and ask children about their feelings, but by using the cards it becomes more of a directed activity rather than a serious conversation. This can be very beneficial in terms of eliminating an intimidating environment.”- Certified Child Life Specialist  

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