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The deck of 28 cards can be used both in professional settings and at home to provide emotional support and self-expression activities to build compassionate self-care skills for oneself and for others.


The vibrant posters light up a room and remind us to take a moment to reflect.

Educational Resource Collection

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Full Set Compassionate Self-Care Cards in 28 full colored posters printed 16" x 24" & 4 decks of cards...$1176.00 ($42.00 per poster plus four decks of cards FREE $100.00 value)

This package combo is an excellent teaching resource for teachers, therapists, and specialists in educational and healthcare settings with children, young adults, parents and families. Contact Evelyn directly to purchase this item tax exempt or wholesale. Frame not included. Posters are printed and shipped from Colorado and require a separate $16 shipping fee. Please allow 10 business days for delivery.

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